If you want to eat Japanese level Ramen in Amsterdam, go to Ramen Kingdom


I came from Fukuoka prefecture in Japan which is one of the most famous places for Ramen.
I personally love Ramen and can say Ramen is my favourite food.

This time I will introduce the best Ramen restaurant I’ve ever been to so far in The Netherlands.

Ramen Kingdom

Ramen Kingdom entrance

This is the restaurant called “Ramen Kingdom”.

There is a big figure of Mario in the front.
There are often people stopping and looking at it in front of the restaurant.

They’ve got bar-style seats here.
It looks really like a Ramen Restaurant in Japan.

On the wall, you can see the drawings of Dragon Ball which is a popular Anime in Japan.

There are some capsule toys machine inside.

It costs €3 each time which is a bit expensive.

3 types of base broth

  • Pork base
  • Chicken base
  • Vegetable base

There are those 3 types of base broth above.

If you want to eat nice Miso Ramen in Amsterdam

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Pork Ramen (with extra bamboo shoots)

This is a Pork Ramen with extra bamboos.

I was living in Fukuoka which is really famous for Pork broth Ramen so I won’t give a nice score easily.

Actually, It tastes really nice. Moreover, Pork broth Ramen sometimes smells a bit strongly, but this one does not.

Noddles are wrinkled here, so noodles get coated well with the broth.

Spicy Chicken Ramen

This is my favourite Spicy Chicken Ramen.

It looks extremely spicy, but it isn’t as spicy as it looks.
I think if you are a fan of spicy food, you will enjoy it.

Actually, my favourite broth is pork base, but when it comes spicy noodles here, the Chicken base is the best.

You can also order extra spicy noodles if you pay €1 extra.

Spicy Pork Ramen

This is a Spicy Pork Ramen.

A difference between Spicy Chicken Ramen is that there are Kikurage-mushrooms instead of bamboos.

I have never tried Vegetable Ramen yet.
I will try it sometime.

How do we get there?

It takes just a few minutes from Amsterdam central station on foot.

There are many trams going as well, so it is pretty easy to access the restaurant.

You should definitely go

In my opinion, this is the restaurant where you can enjoy the best Ramen in Amsterdam.
However, They’ve got bar-style seats that measn there are not many seats in the restaurant.

I you are a group of more than 4 people, you will probably have to sit separately.

Besides, they don’t take a reservation, so there are a high cance that you have to queue.

Ramen Kingdom