I Went to The 2nd Best Paella Restaurant in Mallorca in Spain.


What would you think about when you heard the word “Spain”?
You would probably think about Paella.

When I went to Mallorca in my summer holidays, I went to the 2nd ranked restaurant on TripAdvisor to eat nice Paella.

What is Paella?

I don’t think there are many people who don’t know Paella, but I will briefly explain in case.

Paella is a Valencian rice dish. You boil rice with some seafood.

It is really delicious. You can enjoy great broth from seafood.

The Paella ranked 2nd place on TripAdvisor

I was searching for a good restaurant online.

I found a nice restaurant called “Ca’n Manolo” on TripAdvisor.

This is ranked 2nd on TripAdvisor to eat Paella.


Ca’n Manolo

This is the Paella I ordered.

Its portion is for 2 persons.
It does not seem like for 2 persons but it actually is.


Looks pretty good.

Honestly, I saw Paella looking better online though.

What matters is the taste, Let’s eat.

Does it taste good?

In the restaurant, you don’t have to serve it in your plate yourself.
They will do it for you.


Ok, let’s have a bite.

Yes, it is delicious!

The rice absorbed the broth from the seafood which so good.

The shrimps were a little bit small, but taste good.
I think there were 2kinds of shrimps in it.

I am pretty sure that I eat a lot, but I left a bit so I would say the portion is really enough.

If you order some appetizer, you would be really full at the end of the meal.

While the price is a bit expensive.
It was like €22-23 I think.

Was it worthy that the restaurant is ranked 2nd place?

If you ask me the Paella was worthy as the 2nd ranked on TripAdvisor?
I would not genuinely say “Yes”.

Yes, it was delicious. I did not find anything to complain about.

Yet, I believe that there are restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Paella at a lower cost.

On the other hand, I would recommend the restaurant to you.
It was delicious without a doubt.

I would like it more if it was a little bit cheaper and had more ingredients in it.

I would also like to have their other dishes if there is a next time to visit.

Ca’n Manolo